How many points do I need?

You need 5 points a semester, therefore a total of 10 points a year upon your induction into the honor society.
Your eligibility for free chords your graduating year is contingent upon your completion of these 5 points a semester upon entering the chapter.

Each semester you MUST earn 3 points with our chapter.  The remaining 2 points can be earned outside our chapter.

What counts as points?

Points are given for the following:

– Any related chapter event

– Meetings (1 point per month)

– Volunteering or attending the New Member Induction Ceremony(1 point)

– Food Bank donations (1 point per month)

– Tutoring

– Service completed outside of our chapter

  • Points will be given to each volunteering event/activity non-NSCS related


– Point Breakdown:

  • 1 point=1-2 hours
  • 2 points=3-4 hours
  • 3 points=5+ hours


How do I record my points?

  • Please visit the page “Record Points” under this “Points” page.
  • We will ONLY record these points that you send to us, so please make sure to record everything you do even if it is an event/activity/contribution with NSCS.

How many points do I have?

You can view your points on the Google doc here

Please note this form is updated every two weeks. If you do not see your points added to the Google Doc after two weeks, it is then that you should e-mail us.